bringing to you: an exquisite, delightful, sassy, and adorable creature. an absolutely fantastic human being.
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blog curated by self-proclaimed tunney connoisseurs

**important info**
we promise to provide every original image and video we are able to obtain in the highest qualities available to us and free of watermarks (whenever possible.) in return, we ask that you do not post these images and videos on other sites with watermarks.

our hq unedited photos are all provided in the tag #gallery. we do not post gallery links until we have obtained every photo in the set for the sake of organisation. be patient! :)

**r.tunney mission**
the #robintunney tag on tumblr is usually dead. or, it's filled with edits from the mentalist. our mission is to bring the tag to life with posts regarding robin tunney as both an actress and a figure we admire vigorously, beyond the bubble of "the mentalist." we hope to provide you with the means to create your own hq edits and join us in our mission. tag your RT edits with #tunneyrobin and we hope to feature your post on this blog!

**summer update**
i (tea) am currently a victim of government firewalled internet. i access the internet through a vpn, which makes my upload speed unbearably slow. i will try to upload photos to the best of my ability, but videos will have to wait until the end of august, when i return to the states. thanks for your patience!